Professional Teaching Practices

  • Maintain Good Communication Skills

Maintaining good communication skills allows me to connect with my students, parents and other educators more efficiently. Good communication skills allow for a bond to be created between other individuals and me.

  • Getting Students Engaged

I believe if students are engaged in their work it allows them to have a greater chance for success. When they are interested and involved in what they are learning, it is obvious that they retain more information then if they are not.

  • Humorous/Fun Environment

Learning should be exciting, enjoyable and lively. An environment that portrays this will help create this feeling among the students. Different ideas that might help create this type of environment are brain breaks, humor and the educator approaching learning in the same manner.

  • Clear, Precise Instruction

Being straight to the point when giving instruction helps eliminate confusion among the students. Keeping to a routine of the same rules and instructions allows students to know what is acceptable, and what is not.

  • Individualized Learning

It is well known that every student learns differently. Every classroom has a wide variety of students who may learn slow, or fast, they may learn better by being active (kinesthetic), or through visual. Each of these students needs to have their needs met by providing different instructional methods, assessments, assistance, etc.

  • Positive Feedback

Positive feedback allows a student and I to celebrate an achievement that has occurred. This achievement can be as small as answering a question in class, or as big as passing an exam. I believe that there is no limit to the amount of positive feedback that should be given. Positive feedback helps the student build confidence in themselves, as well as, their learning.

  • Involvement with Decision Making

My belief is students feel more in control of themselves and their learning when they are involved in the decision making. It inspires them to be productive and more engaged because they had a choice in their learning. Some decisions that I believe students can be apart of are a choice of options for different assignments, or how the classroom in arranged (i.e. desks in rows, or groups).

  • Peer Learning

Peer learning in the classroom involves a lot of interaction and communication between students. I believe that peer learning enhances independence, which produces results in learning outcomes.

  • Inclusion

“…it is crucial that all policy makers, school boards, administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, parents and students ensure inclusive practice in all aspects of educational environments. Research suggests that inclusivity is no longer defined by physical and cognitive disabilities but also includes a full range of human diversity with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and of other forms of human differences” (Wikipedia)

  • Love Your Job

Love for your job and passion for what you do fills the atmosphere and students respond positively to authenticity.


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