Class Facilitation and Resource Creation

Below you will find a description for a digital resource package that Kylie and I completed:

“In your future careers, many of you may be asked to teach in a blended or online format at some point. In order to become familiar with the particular affordances and challenges of teaching online, you will work in groups to facilitate a lesson for ECMP 355 students at some point during the semester. You will be required to facilitate an engaging and interactive 20 minute session on the integration of a particular tool (options will be discussed in class). As well, you will create an accompanying digital resource for the tool, which should include: a screencast demonstrating the use of the tool; information on the integration of the tool in ways that address the modification and redefinition levels of the SAMR model; relevance to the Sask curriculum; benefits and drawbacks of the tool; potential digital citizenship considerations; and any other information that teachers would need to use the tool in the classroom (i.e. privacy concerns, age appropriateness, etc.). Sessions will be recorded and made available online along with the accompanying resources that you develop – think about this as you work toward the completion of this assignment as it will need to be a high-quality artefact that is worth a significant portion of your overall grade.”

Note: This was taken directly from the ECMP 455 Winter 2016 syllabus.

Screenshot taken on April 4, 2016 of our Digital Resource Homepage.

If you wish to go to our Digital Resource Package on Mathletics Click Here.

There you will find the following information on Mathletics:
– About Mathletics
– Cost of Mathletics
– Student/Teacher Perspectives
– Integration into SAMR Model
– Relevance to Saskatchewan Curriculum
– Benefits/Drawbacks
– Digital Citizenship