ECMP 455

“This course is designed for senior undergraduate students and practicing teachers who are familiar with the basics of computer technology skills and its pedagogical importance in education. Most students taking this course would have already taken ECMP 355 or would be able to demonstrate their mastery of the content covered in ECMP 355.

ECMP 455 will offer undergraduate students who are specializing in teaching at the PK-12 levels a more in-depth exploration of the use of and integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the classroom. The course examines trends, contemporary issues, and futurist scenarios related to ICT integration, and the course activities reflect a pedagogical vs. tool-centric orientation.

ECMP 455 also provides students with an opportunity to further develop their personal learning networks (PLNs). Particular emphasis (expanding upon ECMP 355) will be placed on the active development of a strong, positive digital identity through this course with the use of current social media tools (e.g., microblogging, blogging, video, podcasting, and other platforms). Active, online participation is essential and students will be asked to connect through the course’s online community, course hashtags, and other methods” (ECMP 455 Syllabus Course Description, Alec Couros, 2016).