Differentiated ADHD Lesson Plan

Theme: Understanding ADHD

Time: 45 minutes

Essential Question: How do I support students with ADHD?


  • I can list the subtypes and indicators of ADHD
  • I can list and explain 2 teaching strategies for Behavioural interventions
  • I can list and explain 2 teaching strategies for Academic Interventions

Pre-Assessment- (See pre-assessment “Agree/ Disagree” Handout)

Differentiation Planned: Grouping by prior knowledge (Score on pretest) mix both higher scores and lower scores to allow students with better scores to help the ones with lower scores learn. As well as visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities to allow for all types of learners

Student Motivation: grasp a new understanding of instructional strategies for students with ADHD

Acquisition of Content & Processing

  • Presentation- slide show containing background and brief information (see slides)
    • 10 minutes
  • Split into groups based on pre assessment scores (high with low- predetermined)
  • Go through 3 stations activities to help better students understanding of ADHD and different teaching strategies
    • Station 2: Venn Diagram- students must read the short articles on peer monitoring and self-monitoring and complete the venn diagram with their similarities and differences
    • Station 3: Note Cards- match the definition card to the subtype card, and also match the implication definition to the implication
    • Station 1: Puzzle- classwide peer tutoring, instructional modification and computer assisted instruction. At this station the students will complete 3 puzzles each puzzle with a different Academic intervention, they must read the information and put them together
  • Group back together
    • Take questions allow for group discussion and clarification
  • Do post assessment (After Side of “Agree/Disagree” Handout)
  • While they are doing post assessment hand out the handout with the intervention chart and the symptoms of ADHD

Closure: After side of “Agree/Disagree” handout


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