ECMP 455 · Networked Professional Learning

“We Only Have What We Give” ― Isabel Allende

How have you contributed to the learning of others?

ECMP 455 had a huge component that has us personally contribute to the other students in the class. I believe that this factor is crucial to make an online class successful and beneficial, because it allows the students to interact in an online setting. Another aspect of the class was to submit a log of interactions that provides proof of how I have contributed to students learning. There have been many opportunities that I have provided classmates assistance in their learning. Mainly this took place through WordPress, Twitter and the Google+ Course Community.

Sample of the 1st page of my Interaction Log
       Sample of the 1st page of my                            Interaction Log

To find my Complete Interaction Log Click Here

Sample interactions with my classmates include:



Complete Conversation



Complete Conversation


Whitney Czerwonka asked the following question on the Google+ Community.


To help provide her with an explanation with her question, I created a screencast.

Complete Conversation

Thanks for the great semester and ensuring that you have interacted with me as much as I did you!


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