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Remember: Most Stories are Real Life to Others

I had the privilege to listen to Carol Todd speak about the importance of digital citizenship. She offered an enlightening perspective on the topic, because she was the story itself.

Carol Todd’s daughter, Amanda Todd, is one of the many teenagers who has been trapped by the internet. A simple, innocent act of being on webcam with her friends turned into her being blackmailed and harassed, where eventually she could not take it any longer. After many attempts, she took her own life.

Carol Todd is an inspiring lady who is advocating the importance of digital citizenship. Throughout the lecture, she used many analogies that allowed me two different opportunities.

  1. Connect with what she experienced and how she felt as a mother of Amanda Todd
  2. Show the importance of situation

I asked my class, what were your favorite quotations from Carol Todd. Below I have provided some of the responses from ECMP 355 and ECMP 455.

Shantel Amson states, “My favourite was, we make sure playgrounds are safe, so why don’t we check the digital playground.”

Whitney Czerwonka states, “We take a picture, post it on instagram or we could print the picture off, hang it on a bulletin board, same thing isn’t it?”

Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. Today, technology is increasing rapidly which means society has to stress the importance of Digital Citizenship. Former employers, friends, or family will search you on the web to find information. The day you start using technology, will be the day that your future starts being determined.

Amanda Todd’s Legacy was formed to start “creating awareness for cyberbullying, mental health & internet safety.” They have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Amanda’s story became popular around the world after her death, because she was living proof that stories become real life.


3 thoughts on “Remember: Most Stories are Real Life to Others

  1. Great set up for your post, I really enjoyed the way you incorporated the thoughts of others about Carol’s lecture. It truly was an inspiring lecture!


  2. Great post, I liked how you incorporated some of the quotes she used in the lecture. I also learned so much from Carol, I was so amazed of how strong she was, and her ability to use something so terrible as a teaching moment to change the world. We can really learn from her as teachers, there may be things that go wrong in our life and lessons but it is how we take it. Make it a teaching moment and using what we learn to teach others is an amazing approach. Thanks for Sharing!


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