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Hour of Engagement

It may actually be possible that Hour of Code, has gotten me through my dreadful coding experience. If you want to read about my past experience with coding, my blog post “Scratch; More like Scratch my Eyes OUT!” will be able to take you into that moment in time.

Hour of Code which can be found on is a site that provides students, or adults, the opportunity to learn the basic concept of coding. This occurs through interactive games that interest the students.

Screenshot of the Hour of Code website taken on March 30, 2016
Screenshot of the Hour of Code website taken on March 30, 2016

What do you think the game that I chose to complete my Hour of Code? You guess right! It was Angry Birds! The mission on each level was to maneuver the angry bird through a maze by coding so they are able to reach a final destination. There are 20 different levels that I had to complete to be finished my Hour of Coding.

Hour of Coding was engaging, because it made me work towards a final goal rather then having to just code for an hour like I did on Scratch. Hour of Code was challenging at points, but there were hints that were available to look at if a person was stuck this allowed me to not feel frustrated.

Below is a screencast that I created when I first started my Hour of Code.

Below is a screencast that I created when I was finishing my Hour Of Code. If you watch the screencast until the end, you will see that I was struggling with completing a level. I stopped the screencast so that I could play around with it until I figured out how to code the correct directions.

As you can see from the picture, I successfully completed my Hour of Code task!

hour of code

How was you experience with coding? Are there other sites that you prefer using to introduce coding in a classroom?


One thought on “Hour of Engagement

  1. My experience was some what similar to yours Shalayne. I also made a terrible Scratch and thought I would never like coding but after playing around on An Hour of Coding it started to seem like fun. I haven’t found or came across any other sites for introducing coding into the class. To be honest it is something that scares me because my experience wasn’t so great the first time. I would definitely like to learn more about coding before I ever felt comfortable enough to introduce it to a bunch of students.


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