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What kind of tests do they give witches?

Answer: Hex-aminations

I thought I would start off with a joke to spice it up a bit because this blog posts’ topic is FAR from ORIGINAL.

Exams are what every student dreads, whether they are quizzes, unit test, or final exams. If students are perfectionists they stress to get a perfect score. You then have the students who want to do well, but they have a difficult time writing exams.  Lastly, are the students who do not care what score they receive on the test, they just want to get through school and get out. Now what if there was a way to get EVERY student engaged in an exam? Do you think it is possible? Free Technology for Teachers introduced Quizalize to me. This tool will definitely be a place to start.

This is a screenshot of the homepage of Quizalize that was taken on February 17, 2016.
    This is a screenshot of the homepage of Quizalize that was taken on February 17, 2016.

What is Quizalize?

Quizalize is a lot like Socrative, or Kahoot if you have seen them before. Quizalize is where students play the personalized quizzes that you made for them by simply going to the website. Students will have access to the quizzes created as soon as you give them your class code. Free Technology for Teachers (2016) writes,

“Students are awarded points for correctly answering questions quickly. Students are given feedback instantly on every quiz question that they answer. A total score is presented to students at the end of every quiz.”

Quizalize allows students to participate in a quiz as a classroom activity, or they can play at home. What is beneficial is that whichever option you choose, they can receive instant feedback. As a teacher, you can track their progress on a game even if they play it multiple times.

How do you create a quiz on Quizalize?

What are some pros/cons of Quizalize?


  1.  Engaging
  2.  Easy to Use
  3.  Fun Way to Test


  1.  Unable to Use Short Answer
  2.  Student Could be Easily Distracted
  3.  Teachers would have to have some sort of electronics for students to use.

Do you know of anymore pros/cons for Quizalize? How do you implement exams in your classroom? Are they on the web, electronic, or still paper copy?

Credit is given to Charis Slusar for the idea to start a post with a joke 🙂


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