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What will make you smile, boost your marks and help relieve stress?

What will make you SMILE, boost your MARKS and help relieve STRESS?

Chocolate you say? No, that will only make you SMILE and relieve STRESS.

Photo Credit: play4smee via Compfight cc

Studying you say? No, that will only boost your MARKs and, possibly, relieve STRESS.


Photo Credit: terminaljunkie via Compfight cc

Khan Academy you say? DING, DING, DING!!! You are correct! It will make you SMILE, boost your MARKS and help relieve STRESS!

Taken from the Home Page of the Khan Academy website, on February 2, 2016.
Taken from the Home Page of the Khan Academy                  website, on February 2, 2016.

What is it Khan Academy?

Khan Academy’s mission is to, “provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. They offer many different services online to help students anywhere succeed. If students are having difficulty they are able to find practice exercises and instructional videos. This tool is for all ages! The topics that they cover are:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Computer Programming
  • History
  • Art History
  • Economics

Here is an example of an instructional video that Khan Academy has produced on basic addition.

Have I ever used Khan Academy?

Yes, I most definitely have! Recently, I was having trouble with my University level math assignment. Khan Academy had the answer to the proof that I needed to conduct. So, they may be able to show simple concepts like addition and subtraction, but you would be surprised with how much information there is on Khan Academy!

Why might a teacher choose to use Khan Academy?

A teacher may choose to use this as a resource for themselves, or even their students. I believe that it would benefit a student if they were having trouble completing a homework assignments. Khan Academy would be able to provide them with some extra instructional time. A teacher could use it as a reference if they are having difficulties on how to get a certain concept across to their students. The teacher could look at how Khan Academy instructs students how do it, then compare with how they were teaching the concept.

Where would Khan Academy fit into the SAMR Model?

Substitution- Khan Academy is only a tool that is replacing a teacher, if a student does not have the opportunity to get the proper schooling. If a student is using Khan Academy, it should NOT replace the teacher, but act as a support.


5 thoughts on “What will make you smile, boost your marks and help relieve stress?

  1. I really like the way you wrote this blog post. Even though I wish the right answer was chocolate 🙂 I have never used Khan Academy before but it sounds like something I should try out. Would you suggest Khan Academy to improve my math skills?


  2. This post is awesome Shalayne! You had me from the start. And I totally agree… Khan Academy has been extremely beneficial to me in University, so I am sure it would help students in high school and elementary school as well. It is a life saver that is for sure. Sometimes students may need a topic explained in a different way and Khan Academy may help. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I also think Khan Academy can be extremely beneficial! I have used it myself and found it easier to understand some concepts by watching the videos. I recently wrote a blog post on flipped classrooms and Khan Academy is a great tool in that sense. I also agree with you mentioning that it should be used as additional support, in comparison to replacing the teacher 🙂


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