Self-Taught Photography Project

Is this the end? Defiantly Not.

Overall, ECMP 355 is coming to an end, but this is defiantly not the end of the road for my blogging. My self-taught photography project has taught me many different aspects of photography that I would have never guessed. What is aperture? What is shutter speed? What is ISO? Well, if you want to know just ask me, or read this blog ūüôā

This project has helped me take time out of my busy life to do something I enjoy, something that I want to continue to do in my future. That is taking photographs! Photography allows me to be free, portray what I love and how I feel without explaining in words.

This is not good-bye, because I¬†am¬†going to¬†keep learning, growing and¬†posting¬†about photography. This¬†is good-bye to my ECMP 355¬†Project, but¬†I promise will see you in ECMP 455 very¬†soon so don’t get too emotional on me! ūüėČ


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