Self-Taught Photography Project

Examples of Perspectives

It is hard to understand each perspective in words, but a photographer may see it better through images. Here are some examples of each type of perspectives.

Linear Perspective


Photo Credit: DeeAshley via Compfight cc

Rectilinear Perspective


Photo Credit: chtfj21 via Compfight cc

Vanishing Point Perspective


Photo Credit: ChaoticMind75 via Compfight cc

Height Perspective


Photo Credit: shlomp-a-plompa via Compfight cc

Overlap Perspective


Photo Credit: The U.S. Army via Compfight cc

Dwindling Size Perspective


Photo Credit: gfpeck via Compfight cc

Volume Perspective


Photo Credit: Aikaterini Koutsi Marouda aka kotsifi via Compfight cc

Atmospheric Perspective


Photo Credit: dcruzin via Compfight cc

Does this clear up the understanding of perspectives? If not, let me know and provide me with some advice for explaining it more thoroughly.


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