Self-Taught Photography Project

Power of Perspective

It is heard in photography that changing positions while taking a picture is needed, but how do you do this? What does that mean? It means your perspective, but how can we use it to improve ourselves as photographers and photographs?

What is perspective?

It is the way our eye relates to special separation and the relationship between the size of the objects within that separation. In other words, things seem smaller the further the way they are.

How does perspective work in photography?

First, perspective DOES NOT change when you change your lens. Perspective can only be changed by changing position. For example, moving closer, or further away and moving higher, or lower.

What will you find?

Perspective influences a viewer’s perception.


Take a moment to think about how you want your subject to be perceived in the photo.

You do not need fancy equipment, or expensive lenses to create different perspectives. All you need is creativity and the ability to move around.

This video allows you to see some different photographs that have multiple perspectives.


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