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Friending Students on Social Media

Do you think you should friend your students on social media? I never thought that I would consider the option of becoming friends with a student on mine of social media, but a post Kendra Leier shared on Twitter made me think otherwise. Teaching is considered to be a 24/7 career, but if students are not able to connect with you then how are you able to conquer that?

Vicki Davis raised some good points about some personal experiences that she has encountered in this video.

There are some risks to friending students on social media for instance, your own personal privacy and space. With those risks come some advantages as well like getting to know your students better and their interests. Friending Students Online: Risks VS Rewards will help elaborate on what is good/bad about friending students on social media websites.


2 thoughts on “Friending Students on Social Media

  1. I think there are many benefits to friending students but there are drawbacks as well. It is something I have never really thought about until reading your post. I know my high school teachers always told us we had to wait until after we graduated because if we posted something they were concerned about they had to report it. It is something I will have to keep pondering about…thanks for the great blog post!


    1. Before watching the YouTube video I viewed it as the same perspective that your teachers provided with you. From watching the video I believe that Vicki provided many reasonable arguments as to why educators should friend them on social media. Personally, I do not want my students having that large of part in my personal life. What do you think about creating an account from a teaching prospect for your students? I believe it would create a happy medium between the two situations.


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