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Twitter Chat Experience; Good, or Bad?

I participated in my first Twitter Chat today. Did you know that these even exist? I defiantly did not until my ECMP 355 class on Wednesday. They told me that I had to get involved with a Twitter Chat. Once I have completed this I would blog about it. From then on, I was lost. I searched the document list that I was supplied with to see which chat would work best with my schedule, as well as, intrigue me. I ended up in the Educational Technology Chat, because I know that technology is the future of education. This chat ran Tuesdays at 11:00am.

I tried to participate in an Educational Chat on Monday night, but there was no moderator. For my first chat it became very confusing and I struggled with figuring out with what the topic was, when it started, etc.

Tweet Deck was a helpful tool. On Tweet Deck you are able to search a hashtag, which means that in a Twitter Chat you do not have to follow everyone that is in the conversation. They should just use the hashtag so you are able to see what they are posting in the conversation. An example of the Tweet Deck homepage is shown below:

Tweet Deck
Tweet Deck

The moderator for the Educational Technology Twitter Chat was Melissa Henning. She supplied us with the Questions and Topics that were going to be used for the Twitter Chat. First, she started by asking us to introduce ourselves (where we are from, what our role is, etc). From there, she asked the questions over the course of an hour and the conversation started to flow.

My first Twitter Chat was a wonderful experience. There were many ideas that were useful that I could use in the future. With this information would you try to participate in your very first Twitter Chat, or is it still too overwhelming?


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