Self-Taught Photography Project

Rule of Thirds

“Rule of Thirds” is the most well known principal of photographic compensation. It is the basis for well balanced shots.

What is the Rule of Thirds? If you imagine looking through a grid on your camera display, it is broken down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so there will be 9 parts. Like shown below:


Photo Credit: DeeAshley via Compfight cc

The grid allows you four lines that you can use to position the elements in your photos and identifies four important parts of the image. They can by used to place your points in the intersections, or along the lines. It allows people to view the photos more naturally, because it is proven that peoples eyes usually go to the intersection points.

Cropping tools can allow you to edit a photo by using the grid if you did not use them when taking the shot. Have you used “Rules of Thirds” in the past, or not? More examples can be seen at Learn Pro Photography.


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