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YouTube; Advantages VS. Disadvantages

Why YouTube should be used in the Classroom by Kylie Harder

As time is progressing, teachers need to keep up with the 21st century classroom and that means allowing students to use sites such as Youtube in the classroom. YouTube has many benefits to help students learn providing students are taught about digital citizenship and teachers have developed a trust that their students will use YouTube wisely. The following video is to show how YouTube is positively affecting students.

From the previous video, it is known that YouTube is not only benefiting students, but it is inspiring them and making them enjoy school a lot more. YouTube allows students to explore and learn things visually. It allows the student to be in control- they can pause the video if they need time to write something down and they can rewind if they need to see something again.

YouTube also has special YouTube channels that can greatly benefit the classroom such as a channel for teachers and there is also an education channel as well. These channels allow the searcher to find videos related to their educational topic. If YouTube is making specific channels for schools to use…Why wouldn’t classroom use them?

There are many ways to incorporate YouTube in classroom such as starting to get a discussion by showing interesting video clips that get the students involved in the lesson. The students will start questioning and become involved in the lesson. It also allows students to be curious and learn more, which supports inquiry based learning. YouTube allows the student to continue learning even out of the classroom. Also, YouTube is a cheap field trip… you can show your students something that they may not have been able to see without the YouTube clip. It also helps you teach multiple learners (visual, kinesthetic, etc.) in your classroom. By adding a video in your lesson, it will help the visual learners and it can also be beneficial to exceptional learners. YouTube also give students another way to present what they learned by making a video and sharing it with the class. Another benefit of YouTube is teachers can video lectures or lessons and posts them on YouTube. This way if a student is missing or needs to review the lesson they are able to again. By teachers recording lessons can also help to have a flipped classroom. And while students are using YouTube it is helping them learn about digital literacy. The following articles have information on the benefits of YouTube in the classroom: 5 Reasons To Use YouTube In The Classroom, The Teacher’s Guide To Using YouTube In The Classroom, and 11 Reasons Every Educator Needs a Video Strategy.

Using YouTube in the classroom increases the eagerness of most students to learn and expand upon what has been taught in class.  Of course, teachers can only provide YouTube opportunities if the students demonstrate responsibility and act as good digital citizens.  Since the good, the bad, and the ugly is everywhere in our world, parents and teachers must take the risk and use YouTube as our youth can search and find bad anywhere – not just YouTube.

Why YouTube should not be used in a Classroom by Shalayne McDermit

YouTube may seem like a unique tool that has many great resources, but along with a tool of that calibre there are many downfalls with it. Today, teachers are using YouTube to assist them with their lessons, but are they teaching them the useful ways to use this site? YouTube not only consists of valid and helpful information, but also invalid and unhelpful information.

Although this video explains some positives to YouTube, there are far more disadvantages to YouTube that are explained.

YouTube has many issues that revolve around privacy, most stream from the fact that almost anybody can see what a user posts on YouTube. There have been many cases where people have found their information has been created into a YouTube site, or video. Laura Bruno raises some interesting points in a personal experience where her blog/ideas were created into a YouTube channel, that she obviously did not create. More information and details can be discovered about this frightening experience here.

The validity of different posts on YouTube can be a concern when using this tool in the classroom. What information is true, and what is not? Is there any way you can tell if the information that you are reviewing is true? When students uses YouTube they do not think about whether the information they are choosing is valid. If you were a teacher it would be very difficult to monitor if the students were using correct information, or not. The abundance of videos on YouTube is hard to sift through to find valid information. Not only is there a lot of resources on YouTube, but there are many subscribers that are able to post their thoughts and opinions on YouTube.

Posting information on YouTube and creating an account is a simple process that almost anyone can do. Therefore, it is not a violence free tool. Many videos that are on YouTube consist of inappropriate content, or violence. Teachers who are using YouTube in a classroom have to realize the information on YouTube can easily distract the students and get them off topic easily. There is no way to block the inappropriate content on YouTube when you are using it in a classroom.

YouTube is not always a convenient site for searching information that you want more information on and it appearing below. Most often tasteless and vulgar videos show up on the right hand column. If students were looking for resources these types of videos would be in contact with your students.

With all the negatives that come along with using YouTube there are many other Educational Alternatives that offer the same idea as YouTube, but eliminates the risk. Some of these include:

Why would you want to risk exposing your students to inappropriate content that could possible get you into trouble when there are many other possibilities to use in the classroom? The information displayed on these alternatives are valid and screened; YouTube resources are not.


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