Self-Taught Photography Project

Silhouette Photography

Silhouette use is a great way to engage people into your photography. Silhouettes create questions for the viewers which allow them to interpret the photography whichever way they would like. Creating a silhouette photo may take some trial and error on the photographers part if they are new to it.

Silhouette photography requires the use pure back lighting. Which means we want to place the subject so that we maximize the amount of light in the scene coming from behind the subject. First, focus the camera on the object. The outline of her silhouette should be crisp and in focus. They recommend using a large aperture opening, f8 or higher, because the background needs to be in good focus as well.

Silhouette Photo
Silhouette Photo

Photo Credit: JennCooper:D via Compfight cc

Along with a silhouette you can get a halo effect around the object as well if you so please. If you want this effect, move the object directly in front of the sun, which will create a glow.

Halo Effect
Halo Effect

Photo Credit: Jiuck via Compfight cc

Silhouettes add a sense of mystery to any image. Our brains fill in the details of what is not known, a silhouette demands stronger involvement from people viewing your photography. Do you think you would be able to create a silhouette effect, or a halo effect?


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