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MediaSmarts is a very useful resource when going into the field of education! This site can be used when teaching an elementary Computer class, or if you need more awareness about media in todays society. There are many opportunities for teens regarding digital resources. MediaSmarts allows you a place to show students how to be ethical, smart and secure online.

My World is a place where you can find versions of sites that you will find online, without the social threat. The program will help you adapt to Instant Mail, SpaceFace, Googolplex, etc. If you are using this in the classroom there are quizzes and video tutorials to help show your students how to use them properly. My World is fantastic at allowing your student to work at their own pace, but also gives you, as an educator, plenty of free time to complete your own work without the responsibility of helping them. They are able to find answers to their questions by looking through the help section of My World.

There are many other resources regarding Web Awareness Workshop Series on the MediaSmarts licensed resource webpage. These include:

Cyber Bullying Presentations

– The Cyber Bullying presentations include:

– What is it?

– Online Dynamics (Who cyber bullies and why?)

– Strategies (How do we address cyber bullying in the home and at school?)

Fact or Folly

– The fact or folly presentations include:

– Authenticating Online Information

– How do you know what to believe online?

Growing with the Net

– Growing with the net presentation includes 2 sections:

Ages 4-12- Internet Use (Canadian Students)

– Ages & Stages (Developmental Traits and Related Issues)

– Educational Response (Relevant Strategies by Age)

Ages 13-17- Developmental Paths (Related Issues)

– Internet Landscape (Challenges and Opportunities)

– Educational Response (Relevant Strategies by Age)

Kids for Sale

– Kids for sale presentation includes:

– Intro (Why, where and how marketers target kids online)

– Privacy & Marketing (Issues that emerge)

– Strategies (Laws, guidelines and adult involvement)

Safe Passage

– Safe passage presentation includes:

– Challenges (What risks youth face online)

– Opportunities (How we can help youth become a safer, more responsible Internet users)

Becoming an up and coming teacher I think tools like these are useful in helping make your students more aware of many situations. The Cyber bullying presentation would allow me to use it when teaching part of the curriculum about bullying, or other health related issues. Cyber bullying can create social isolation and therefore, bullying can occur from there.

Fact or folly is vital when writing papers in English, History, etc. If you are not getting correct information, how are you going to grade well on your paper? Fact or folly creates a lesson that will allow you to help your student determine which information is authentic, or not.

Safe Passage prevents student with life situations that they may encounter online. It is useful information for any individual to know what risks you will face online and how you can become a safer, more responsible Internet user. This would be an important lesson to teach at the beginning of junior high, or high school. As technology advances this information may have to begin being shared earlier in students lives.

You have heard my opinion, views and ideas on MediaSmart. I have provided you with some examples of how to incorporate these tools into lesson plans, but now I want to hear your ideas!! What else could you do with these tools to allow you to use them to their fullest potential?


2 thoughts on “MediaSmarts

  1. I think you have come up with some very useful ways to incorporate this resource into lessons. I agree that most of these resources can be used to teach lessons on digital citizenship and online safety.


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