Self-Taught Photography Project

Simplicity is Key

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

– Leonardo da Vinci

When taking photos, looking for ideas and pondering what you should take pictures of; simplicity is the key factor! Elaborate buildings and objects make nice photos, but simple ideas make beautiful shots. If you are inspiring to complete photography find an old rustic sign, or building to take a picture of because it will work!

If you do not feel like your shot brings out the feeling that you want it to portray, do not throw it away yet! Take it to the editing table, where potential can be turned into perfection. Editing allows an okay shot to look wonderful in the end. You make think it is cheating, but every photographer does it. Take this original photo I took today and compare it to the edited one. Do you see what I mean? Do not be afraid to add you own touch ups to make your photos masterpieces.

Original Version
Original Version

Edited Version
Edited Version

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