Self-Taught Photography Project

Understanding Aperture

Have you ever wanted to take a photo and only focus on one item, but the rest blurred? This can be done through photo editing, but why not do it first try when you are taking a picture? The aperture setting will allow you to do this.

Aperture is the third pillar to photography, the first one being Shutter Speeds and the second one is ISO Settings. Aperture adds dimension, or brings everything into focus.

What is Aperture?

It is a hole in a lens, through which light travels into the camera body. If you think about your eyes, the pupil is what aperture is referred to in photography. The amount of light that enters the camera is determined by the aperture size. The more light that enter, the larger the aperture. The less light that enters, the smaller the aperture.

Size of Aperture- Large vs Small Aperture

Aperture is shown in f-numbers, for example, f/5. These are describing the size of the aperture, or how open or closed the aperture is. A smaller f-number means larger aperture, while a larger f-number means a smaller aperture. F/2, is larger than F/4, which is much larger than F/8.

Aperture Diagram representing the amount of light compared to the f-number.
Aperture Diagram representing the amount of light compared to the f-number.

Photo Credits: Dicklyon at en.Wikipedia

What is Depth of Field?

The size of the aperture has an impact on the depth of field. A large f-number will bring all foreground, and background objects into focus. A smaller f-number will isolate the foreground, and the background with be blurry.

Now that you know the third pillar to photography, could you use it in your shots? The only way to find out is to play around with it! Go, give it a try, and experiment 🙂


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