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Sextortion of Amanda Todd: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is a serious topic regarding interest use, and how you want to be portrayed on it. There are many dangerous situation that you could be in if you are not portrayed correctly. When comparing the pressure of perfect digital citizenship from females to males, much more of it is focused on the woman. Although, it is equally as important for both male and females to think before they post.

Amanda Todd was one in many woman who was blackmailed, harassed and pressured into performing on the internet for males. Although, it was her decision to begin going on these dangerous sites, and continue this act even after she was warned. A teenage girl, like her, just wanted attention, and to feel loved even if she had to make herself vulnerable to get it. The “Sextortion of Amanda Todd” is an interesting video explaining the story, and messages Amanda got throughout her time participating on these sites.

My reaction to this video was how little the police involvement was once her parents went them. The video portrayed that the police did not thoroughly investigation on who was harassing Amanda. They made no attempt to go through her computer to try to track the person who did this.

The Amanda Todds story is what helped raise Digital Citizenship in Canada. Once this story was released more emphasise was put onto what should be posted on the Internet and what should be kept protected. “Think Before You Post” is a PSA Video regarding how important it is to think before you post onto the internet. Once something is posted on the web you have no control to delete it, it will always be on it! As well as, you do not realized how quickly it can escalate.

Digital Citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use. In todays day, technology is increasing rapidly which means society has to stress the importance of Digital Citizenship. People need to realize that former employer will search you on the web to see if you are suitable, or responsible to work with their company. If the web says otherwise, and you do not have good digital citizenship you will not get the job. The day you start using technology, will be the day that your future starts being determined. More information on Digital Citizenship can be found here.


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