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Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

This is a popular video, but yesterday was the first time I saw it. Between looking at the comments that were posted on the YouTube site, and the blogs have shown lots of controversy about whether this is a good idea, or not. There are disadvantages, and advantages that exist on opposite ends of the spectrum regarding this topic.

There are many problems with posting things onto the internet, or even your computer. If you document it, there is always the chance that it could be misused. Parents do not realize posting pictures of their children could create embarrassing situations for when they are older. Once it is posted on the web, there is never a way to officially delete it. Posting information, or photos online could also create a safety issue. This world is full of dangerous people. If those people get hold of the correct information, it could turn into a bad situation.

There is another end of the spectrum where social networking including Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc… could be used for sincere greatness. It is one way that you can hold photos, and document about information that you do not have to worry about losing, or forgetting. The web, when used right, can be a great organizational method.

The video, Dear Sophie, is an advertisement made for Google Chrome. Throughout this video it shows a father, emailing his daughter through the early years of her life. He shares with her a picture of when she was born, her first birthday, etc… In these emails he informs her about was he is thinking, and specific emotions that everyone is feeling about these things happening.

Personally, I believe that this is a great idea. It would be a wonderful surprise to receive this as a sixteenth, or eighteenth birthday present. It would be genuinely thoughtful for them to think about me, and plan for me before I was even born. From my own experience my parents do not remember many of firsts throughout my lifetime, this would be a good resource file to retrieve all that information.

If I was to do this for when I was having children, I do not think I would complete it through email. The risk of losing it because technology advances so quickly would not be worth it. Rather, I would do it through a word document, or on a memory stick so it would be available for the rest of their life.


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

  1. Thanks for your post.
    In terms of your last points, don’t you also think that a Word Document or memory stick would also change? In fact, in my opinion, you would be more likely to still have access to an old email account vs. a Word document (versions change, computers are upgraded, things get lost or damaged).

    Also, when you started your blog and said “This is a popular video” … it would have been great to hyperlink the word ‘this’ with the video link. Just a tip.

    Thanks for the post!


    1. Yes, you have a very good point. A person would need to find a way to save a hard copy some way, just encase those are inaccessible. Do you have any ideas? Ever changing technology is difficult, but also wonderful because there are so many new tools and information coming out!


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