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Open Networking & Communities in Our Learning Environment

Numerous quotes exist out there, but the one I enjoyed most when keeping in mind how we capture the spirit of open, networking and communities in our learning environments was Paul Ryan’s who said,

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.“

– Paul Ryan

Without millions of people using the internet, social media sites, or even working for Google we would not have the opportunities online that we do now. The online community is what allows us to be able to learn and grow on topics that we know little about.

In a classroom, to create the spirit of open we allow students to work together, share their ideas in discussion groups and talk it over with a friend. The openness of a classroom is what continues onto the web communities. People have discussions online about interests, or debate about their differences to create an open community online. The students have to know how to use the site to its fullest potential, but the only way to do that is to experience it first-hand.

Technology throughout the classroom has to be encouraged to use. Students need to realize that it is okay to bring a laptop to take notes on, instead of pencil and paper. Once everyone is comfortable with using technology the openness of community networking will be easier to accomplish.

A classroom Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page may also help create the sense of community. Not only will it help students amongst your classroom and get them involved, but it will encourage family members or parents as well.


2 thoughts on “Open Networking & Communities in Our Learning Environment

  1. So true about how the internet works! I’ve never really stopped to think of it in that way, but what a great connection to help students realize, and then foster in the classroom. I appreciate the type of community you are envisioning where the students can find out what is meaningful to them and find ways to communicate that work for their own methods.


    1. Thank for your opinion Kendra. I am hoping that Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook would will be used more often. It is an easy way for open communication, seeing as it is also a common networking site for their personal uses and students are already on it to start with!


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